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omg cable | Everything you need to know

Do you think that you would be scared about an ordinary USB cable? The answer is yes! The O.MG cable makes the flipper zero look like a kid’s toy! Really? What is the omg cable? Everything you need to know about Omg cable in detail, Let’s know together.

what is omg cable

1. What is omg cable?

OMG cables, also known as O.MG cables are developed by Mike Grover they are a type of USB cable that has gained notoriety for its potential security risks. These cables are modified versions of traditional USB cables and are designed to look and function like regular cables. However, they contain hidden hardware that can allow hackers to gain access to a user’s computer or device remotely.

2. What does an OMG cable do?

When the cable is plugged into the device the hidden hardware inside the cable allows it to act as a keyboard or mouse it can perform keystrokes attacks that trick the machine that is a keyboard and typing a text command this gives a huge range of possible attacks, also it can record screens and steal other sensitive data, They are particularly dangerous because they can be used to attack a device even when it is locked or powered off.

omg in xray

This cable can be accessed from the web server and it can communicate using the USB port also it has a wifi accesses point that is powered and driven from the USB port it can perform malicious attacks, the hacker can access a user’s personal data, including passwords, financial information, and sensitive documents, without ever having physical access to the device.

3. Technical information about omg cable

As we say above omg cable can perform keystroke injection attacks also it uses the command line and can lunch software there is some info you must know:

  • It can download malware and steal your saved password and send them through the internet.
  • If you use this cable to connect your keyboard it record every keystroke you type this cable can save up to 650000 key entries including your bank account details and password and more.
  • Also, the omg cable can simulate mouse movement and moves the cursor a very small amount every few minutes to keep the system active and prevent the system from getting locked.
  • Technically this cable can be found in a regular USB or type c even a lightning connection
  • The cable can be adapted for almost any operating system including Windows, macOS, iPhone, and Android its suitable for many different environments.
  • The cable uses the command line for Mac and Linux devices where Android can install APK files, where the IOS must enable the full keyboard settings to gain access to the ios devices.
  • It’s important to note that not all USB cables are OMG cables. These cables are modified versions of traditional USB cables and are not widely available for purchase. However, they can be created by anyone with the necessary technical skills, which means that the potential for them to be used for malicious purposes is significant.

The scary thing is that if you carry this cable and compare it with the original one nothing to make you suspect that something is wrong.

4. What is the WIFI range of OMG cable?

You may not believe that inside the USB connector, there is a wifi adapter that can be hosted by a webpage and the wifi range is about 9.1 meters or 30 feet but keep in your mind that wifi range can be extended by wifi repeater, and even without the wifi extender the cable can be accessed with few extra steps!

5. How many payloads can the cable perform?

According to Mike Grover, the developed cable can hold 8 payloads at a certain time unlike the rubber ducky that has a single payload Grover is promising that omg cable soon in future can hold up to 200 payloads as one of the payloads can get all the wifi credentials as soon it plugin and then send to the attacker or who controls the cable.

omg table

6. Is affected by limitations on Mac fitter?

The omg cable is not affected by the limitation of Mac addresses it can copy Mac addresses and trick a computer as it is a common keyboard or mouse, also it can change the USB vendor and the product id, Manufacture name even a serial number. So by that change, it can gain access to the machine without running afoul of any security system and remaining undetected.

7. What is the heart of cable?

Powershell is the heart of omg cable it depends on when the victim inserts the USB drive it types preloads commands to download and execute Powershell scripts that infected the victim’s pc immediately by ransomware, When omg firmware update comes it can detect the operating system that is connected to it and adjust the attack according to it.

8. Can the hacker get access to the device wirelessly?

The hacker can access the device using the ducky scripts even if it is in the lock state and grap all user data while the rubber ducky can transfer the data undetected by flashing the caps lock light to signify binary, Where the omg cable has a pretty effective feature that uses a raw HID socket on the endpoint that allows connecting in a bidirectional way to send and receive data in a faster way up to 8bytes per packet.

9. What happens if the attacker behind the Omg cable gets revealed?

If the attacker gets revealed or wants to abort the mission the cable has a self-destruct option:

  • It can wipe all data but keep the device running
  • You can choose to wipe everything and disconnect the data lines totally

The cable can be fixed if totally been wiped by using the omg programmer and firmware update service

10. How to protect ourselves from these devices?

One of the simplest ways to protect yourself from these devices that don’t use any public charging station and bring your own charging cable for the best charging result The safer way that don’t insert any unknown USB device you found into ur device that may destroy your device or affect it with ransomware.

Another way to protect yourself from OMG cables is to use a USB data blocker. A USB data blocker is a small device that can be plugged into a USB port to prevent data transfer. This can be a useful tool for users who need to charge their devices in a public place but want to avoid the risk of data theft.

there are several signs that may be presented if the phone is been hacked you can know them from this link.


 OMG cables are a new type of USB cable that can be used for malicious purposes. They contain hidden hardware that can allow hackers to gain access to a user’s computer or device remotely. While these cables are not widely available for purchase, the potential for them to be used for malicious purposes is significant. It’s important for users to take steps to protect themselves by only using USB cables from reputable manufacturers and avoiding unknown sources.

finally, I hope my article adds some valuable information to you. if you have any questions let me know in the comment below.

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