Best domain authority checker

Best domain authority checker

Are you a content writer or an information lover? Have you ever heard of terms such as domain authority, page authority, or even a spam score? What are the best domain authority checker? In this new article, we will shed light on this valuable topic, so let us start.

best domain authority checker

1. What is domain authority?

Domain Authority (DA) is a metric used to gauge the strength and popularity of a website’s domain compared to others on the internet. It is typically calculated on a scale ranging from 0 to 100, with higher numbers indicating a stronger domain and greater influence online. Domain Authority is influenced by multiple factors such as the number and quality of inbound links, content quality, and other variables.

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  • As introduced by MOZ, Domain Authority evaluates your website’s online potency.
  • Measured on a scale from 1 to 100, a higher score is preferable, indicating greater strength.
  • It hinges on various factors, notably the domain’s age, the quantity and quality of external links, and on-site content quality.

Domain Authority is widely utilized in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which is a significant measure to assess a website’s quality and overall strength. Understanding Domain Authority assists website owners in comprehending how to enhance their site’s performance on search engines and amplify its online visibility.

2. Best domain authority checker?

One of the premier platforms for examining and evaluating Domain Authority and Page Authority is Moz. Founded as a technology company specializing in data analysis and the development of tools to enhance website performance, Moz offers a diverse array of tools and services to assist website owners in comprehending and enhancing search engine rankings and domain authority.

Users can check Domain Authority by entering the domain address in the search box, which displays results including Domain Authority and other relevant data like inbound and outbound links. With Moz and its tools, website owners can assess and monitor their domain’s strength and impact online, essential for improving online marketing strategies and search engine rankings.

3. What is Page Authority?

Page Authority (PA) is a metric used to estimate the strength and importance of a specific page on a website. Page Authority is calculated by Moz, and it’s similar to Domain Authority (DA) but focuses on the individual page rather than the entire site. Page Authority represents the strength of a page in attracting inbound links and its impact on search engine results.

  • It’s a similar metric to Authority, but it measures the strength of a specific page on your website.
  • It depends on the same factors as Authority, in addition to other factors such as the quality of the content on the page, the number of external links from other pages on the same site, and the number of external links from other high-quality pages.

Page Authority is influenced by several factors, such as the quality of inbound links to the page, the content provided, social interaction, and other factors that affect the level of popularity and quality of the page. Understanding Page Authority is important for website owners and digital marketers as it helps them improve their strategies to enhance the performance of their site pages and increase the chances of appearing in search results.

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4. How to measure domain authority and page authority for your site

Domain Authority and Page Authority of a website can be measured using online tools. Here are simple steps to measure them, including the Moz tool and also this website: website SEO checker

  1. Visit the Moz website Search for Moz Link Explorer or MozBar, which are website reporting and analytics tools.
  2. Enter your site link After accessing Moz Link Explorer, type your site address (URL) in the search box.
  3. Click on Analyze Link Click on the button to start analyzing your site.
  4. Wait for the results Results will appear that include Domain Authority, and Page Authority, as well as other information such as the number of incoming and outgoing links and more.
  5. Page Authority Analysis To analyze the Page Authority of a specific page on your site, you can use MozBar while browsing your site, and the Page Authority information for the current page will appear.

Using these tools, you can check your site’s domain authority and Page Authority, and then use this information to improve your digital marketing strategies and improve your site’s performance in search engine results. The website used is: website SEO checker, easy to use Try Moz’s browser tool for a quick website scan. Input your URL, scan, and check out the values explained in the article.

5. Explaining the values and standards mentioned on the site

The table contains various data represented by specific abbreviations. Refer to this table for explanations of each abbreviation mentioned on the examination site.

  • DA: Domain Power Domain Authority
  • PA: Power Internal linking power for pages
  • TB: Total Backlinks
  • QB: quality backlinks
  • PQ: is the percentage of backlink quality
  • MT: is a standard or measure of trust
  • Moztrust SS: Moztrust Spam Points
  • OS: SEO Page Rank Score
  • Age: The age of the domain
  • TL: Ranking of visitors by country

Measure domain and page authority. Check our SEO articles on the top 5 sites for assessing your site’s speed. Ed Moz offers similar features on her website or browser tool.

6. Why is Domain Authority and Page Authority ratio important?

Yes, Domain Authority and Page Authority are important for the site, but they must be understood properly.

  1. Because they are used by search engines like Google to rate websites.
  2. The higher the Authority and Page Authority ratio, the greater the chances of your website appearing in the first search results.
  3. This means more people will find your website, which will increase traffic and visits.

But we must mention that the authority and page authority ratio is not the only factor that determines your website’s ranking in search results.


 In the end, you should focus on improving all aspects of your website, not just the authority and page authority ratio. We must mention that the authority and page authority ratio is not the only factor that determines your website’s ranking in search results. Many other factors affect the ranking of the site, such as the quality of the content, the speed of loading the site, the ease of using the site on smartphones, etc

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