how to make WordPress site

How to make WordPress site

How to make WordPress site? I remember when I start my youtube channel I had a dream about how to make my own website I don’t have too much skill in programming I started learning locally and then studying PHP for start my own site. To make your own website is a little bit hard because you must know programming languages such as PHP/ HTML that are required to set up database structure and main site pages but when WordPress launched it help us for building a good and nice site this article will be updated frequently for the new episode when publishing new things and tricks on my channel about making your own website

how to make WordPress site

A. start your website on the local server

this method is to start building your website on your computer locally using some software apps that convert ur pc to localhost.

1. what files are required to start my own website on localhost?

first, you need to download the following: xamppWordPress the xampp is an app that allows us to make our pc as a local server and the WordPress is the heart of the website you can say that WordPress is full pack ready to use just we need to set up it. if you like this video will help with how to create a website for free.  

note: when downloading xampp you must have compatible version in PHP  and  WordPress

example: We recommend servers running version 7.4 or greater of PHP and MySQL version 5.7

2. Setting the WordPress 

you need to unzip the WordPress folder you downloaded then go to the location of the xampp folder default location is  C:\xampp\htdocs  then paste the folder. perf-demo is the WordPress folder after renaming it.

Setting the WordPress

3. Setting the WordPress database 

3.1 Turn on the xampp localhost

now its time to set up the database first you must turn the following services on xampp Apache and MySQL

Turn on the xampp localhost

3.2 go to localhost dashboard

 After turning on Apache and MySQL go-to location localhost in your browser for example  http://localhost/dashboard then select phpMyAdmin.

go to localhost dashboard

3.3 Getting to PHPMyAdmin Main Page

 The PhpmyAdmin page where we found all the settings required to make our website this page will get all data structure and that necessary to  set up for your page

Getting to PHPMyAdmin Main Page

3.4  Setup database in PHPMyAdmin page

Now we need to paste this code in the SQL tab link of the code as shown in the picture I use a full-size picture for better viewing after pasting the code press go.

Setup database in PHPMyAdmin page

After pasting the code and pressing go you will get a new database mrlove800858  as you see with conforming that everything is done as shown.

setup database

3.5 Setup the privileges 

we need to set up the privileges to give them grant access in our database just select first the base name then the privileges tab the edit privileges.

Setup the privileges 

just select check all and make sure that the grant is selected then press go.

select all 1

select all 2

as we see the username mark800 is selected grand by yes

done setup

3.6 rename the WordPress folder in htdocs.

we need to rename the folder for the new name of our website I rename it perf-demo

rename the WordPress folder in htdocs

4. Connecting WordPress to our database

 go to the location localhost/your-site name in my case localhost/per-demo we need to select the language we want then press next.

Connecting WordPress to our database

4.1 fill your database info down

you need to fill in all the info you made in setting up your database then press submit 

fill your database info down

When you fill in all the info correctly you will get this message that everything is done and your WordPress can communicate with your database and need to set up the main username and password.

done of setup

4.2 Setup main dashboard info

now we need to fill up the following our site title then login username and password then your email if lost your pass for recovering then press install WordPress.

Setup main dashboard info

4.3 the final steps in the setup

that the final step of setup after all things is ok you may save your login info then press login down!

the final steps in the setup

4.4 WordPress main page

This is the main page dashboard all settings are set to default in other articles we will customize our site.

WordPress main page

default theme by WordPress

WordPress main page 1

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Finally, I hope my article added some valuable information to you. IF you have some questions? Let me know in the comments below. I’ll try my best to answer them.

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