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What is WordPress playground?

What is WordPress playground? Usually, when we are trying to install WordPress to create a blog or store, there are several steps that must be done from web hosting to installing plugins and then creating an admin account It takes time to set up everything, the WordPress core team creates a testing sandbox called WordPress playground in this article we will know everything about this tech so let’s go.


1. What is WordPress playground?

The WordPress Playground is an open-source project for testing it’s like a sandbox that enables users to test various aspects. It can be accessed through any browser without connecting to a database or PHP server. Additionally, it can be accessed from any device without requiring a login.

2. What are the uses of WordPress Playground?

Users can use WordPress Playground for testing purposes you can test themes, and plugins and even test WordPress versions without any installation on a hosting account or setup.It uses wp-now is useful for developers and allows them to launch WordPress locally so you can create and modify your site locally using the Visual Studio code extension.

Playground depends on three main factors to run WordPress on your browser:

  1. WebAssembly: enables client-side WordPress interactivity in browsers by executing PHP files and linking them with JavaScript. In wp-now, this technology forms a php-wasm instance to download chosen WordPress versions.
  2. SQLite: While WordPress installations typically use MySQL to store data, this isn’t viable for browser execution. Enter WordPress Playground, employing the wp-sqlite-db plugin for seamless SQLite integration.
  3. ServiceWorker and Worker Threads APIs: They intercept web requests and execute PHP apps in browsers.

These are the main factors required to run WordPress Playground on your browsers is there any limitation?

3. What are the limitations of WordPress playground?

while the playground is very helpful for users and developers there are some limitations that affect on and they are as follows:

  • Unsupported network connection: Browser access to the official WordPress plugins or themes directory is restricted due to unsupported network connections.
  • Temporary access: That means losing database changes and uploads on page refresh. Files can be saved only by exporting them.
  • iFrame issues: iFrame challenges arise as WordPress is contained within it. Handling the target=”_top” HTML attribute in links becomes tricky, and iFrame-originated JavaScript popups may occasionally not display.

Unsupported pthreads and XDebug: hinder in-browser WordPress. It utilizes the WebAssembly PHP version, which lacks pthreads support, restricting pcntl_ function usage. Additionally, XDebug doesn’t function with php-wasm.

4. How can we use WordPress Playground?

Now it is time to start using this cool tool I know it will help you when you are debugging or testing any plugins or themes, When clicking on this link you will open a simple WordPress site on your browser with default settings for testing purposes.


as we know you can’t access the internet when using the playground so to test plugins or themes we need to log into the admin dashboard by pressing my WordPress website as image below.


after clicking on it we can get the admin dashboard and click on the plugins then click add new plugin.


When you are trying to install a plugin for test purposes just click Plugins then add a new and if you want to test a theme for example you need to click on Appearance then click Add new.

info: you need to upload the files to work(plugins and themes files).

5. Customizing playground 

You can select the PHP and WordPress versions from the corner where you can select the storage type as temporary reset everything when the page is refreshed or Persistent that saves data on your browser or select the live directory to save on your computer.


After selecting the required values just click Apply changes, If you select persistent storage type (it’s undergoing development) we advise you to create a backup of your files and restore them when you need.


6. FAQ


Q1 Can Beginners Use WordPress Playground?

Certainly. WordPress Playground is ideal for beginners, offering a stress-free space to learn, experiment, and build confidence with WordPress. It’s an excellent platform for those aspiring to master WordPress website management and customization.

Q2 Can we install custom themes and plugins in the WordPress playground?

Certainly. Upload custom themes and plugins to WordPress Playground by using the .zip file.

Q3 Is it possible to export my work project from the playground to a live WordPress site?

Absolutely. Export your work as a .zip file and import it to your chosen hosting account. Keep in mind that if you’re using the in-browser WordPress with SQLite, you might need to convert the database to MySQL or MariaDB for web server compatibility. Consider tools like the Ispirer Toolkit for the conversion process.


WordPress Playground, a browser-based learning and testing tool, hosts WordPress core instances. It’s perfect for both learners experimenting with website creation and developers showcasing projects, testing code, or integrating with live sites. Powered by WebAssembly, SQLite, Service Worker API, and Worker Threads API, it brings WordPress functions to web browsers. While under ongoing development, this open-source project offers a secure space to learn PHP and WordPress development without impacting live sites.

finally, I hope my article added some valuable information to you, If you have any questions let me know in the comment section below, and I will try my best to answer them.

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