How to change font in windows 10

How to change font in windows 10

If you are using Windows 1110 or even 7 windows come with a default font almost everywhere from desktop to file explorer even windows settings and its Segoe UI font lot off windows users like to change this font and customization their windows but Microsoft does not provide this option so, how to change font in windows 10? we will change the font using Registry with simple steps just flow me in this article 

How to change font in windows 10

How to change font in windows 10

1. Backup registry

Since we are about to modify the values of the Registry Editor to change the font as I indicated in the introduction, before taking any step by following the steps in this article, make a backup of the registry to restore it in the event of problems  Now that you have done that you will have to perform the following steps in order to be able to change the default font. we need to open the run box first by pressing the keys (windows key+r)  to open the registry editor. write in Regedit to open the registry


then you need to backup all registries before starting if something is falt to come back

file>export>export range: all > save your file in your favorite name and wait to be finished

export file

then you can save them in any place

save file

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2. download and edit the font file

After backup your registry files you can safely edit and modify the font file you can download it from this link also you need to edit it with the notepad program 

edit the font file

now you need to select your favorite font that you want to apply in windows you can choose from fonts in the menu down to access this menu

format > font >choose the font you want!  [at my case I choose Comic Sans MS ]

rename the font file text

after copying the font name in my case Comic Sans MS you need to paste it down near     “Segoe UI”=”your favorite font!” then save

rename and save

now after finishing the edit of the font file and save it you can now run it you may need to reboot pc to get the result or just logout from your windows profile.

The Conclusion

this method is so easy for persons who like to customize their windows: right-click menu, my computer, even your programs font will be changed just with few steps no need for any software to do that just edit a simple registry file and then run it you will have a good result like the picture below 😉 if you want to get the default font again just change it back to Segoe print. 

the final result

Finally, I hope my article added some valuable information to you. If you have some questions? Let me know in the comments below. I’ll try my best to answer them.

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