laptop battery life

how to check laptop battery life: important

Do you have a used laptop? Or do you want to buy a used laptop? How to check if laptop battery life? If it’s good or not or needs to be changed! Don’t worry you will know everything in this article We will not install any program just we will use cmd (windows command prompt) By the way there is a video on my channel about this topic you can watch it from this link.

laptop battery life

1. How to run command prompt Cmd

We go to the search box near the windows icon and write cmd then run as administrator

laptop battery life-search

After write  cd..  then press enter

laptop battery life-cd

Now write this command  powercfg –energy then press enter

laptop battery life-powercfg

Now you will wait 60 seconds to scan your system and battery you will see this message in the cmd

laptop battery life-enable tracking

Enabling tracing for 60 seconds…

Observing system behavior…

laptop battery life-report

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2. How to read the report?

The report takes about 60 min depending on your system after complete scanning you get a full report about the energy report of your system we just need to check the battery performance You will get this link copy it and paste it to the browser

laptop battery life-location


after you press enter then you will have this page  Power Efficiency Diagnostics Report so scroll down to this section

laptop battery life-open report

so scroll down to this section Battery: Battery Information

laptop battery life-Battery Information

as you see you have the battery id and serial number and chemistry of the battery so we need to look at the design capacity and last full charge to compare between them 

  • Design capacity: 47520
  • last full Charge: 28306

The design capacity is the max number you will get when charging  the battery and the last charge number is the number of the current state of your battery so when the battery is new you will get the same 2 values after you use the battery these numbers  ( last full charge )decreases by time so if the last charge number is too low that means that this battery is dead and need to replace if the number is the half of design capacity that means it’s about 50% of its life

Finally, I hope my article added some valuable information to you. If you have some questions? Let me know in the comments below. I’ll try my best to answer them.

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