The best 9 software to edit right click menu

edit right click menu is so easy now with the best 9 software that can edit the menu with few clicks to give you the best result you want Follow me in this article to talk about all of them and how you can get the best result let’s start.

edit right click menu

how to edit right click menu?

you can edit right click menu by one of the following steps one is that I do a previous article that edits the registry files and add your favorite application, you can see this method from this artcile how to customize right-click context  or complete with me in this article to know about the best 9 software that edits the right click menu.

before we start I advise you to take a backup of the registry file values in case of some fault happed.

1. Right click enhancer

right click enhancer is a tool designed for professional users and it has 9 useful items you can use to edit right click menu and they are listed below

Right click enhancer

  1. Right-click tweaker: add useful functions in right-click menu like copy, paste rename, and others.
  2. Right-click editor: remove or disable unwanted right-click entries.
  3. File types editor: it let you associate the application to the extension and manage the context menu associated with the extension.
  4. Right-click shortcuts creator: it allows you to create a new folder or file in right-click menu to quickly access them when needed.
  5. Send to manager: this allows you to create a folder of shortcuts for the option in Windows to send to their locations.
  6. Right-click editor IE: it can edit or remove even disable menu items in the menu entries of internet explorer.
  7. New menu editor: you can create a new right menu with files and the content of template files.
  8. Smart renamer: that tool renames a bunch of files in an easy way using the search and replacement of file extensions such as mp3,idv3, and more…
  9. Smart sfv: that tool verifies if the file has been corrupted or if the application was designed to create these menus.

2. shell menu view

shell menu view allows you to edit right click menu in Windows one of the advantage of this software is the simple interface, it has options for items such as an app or files even folders you can sort them as you like file type or menu name extra another feature found in this app that you can select multiple items that can disable them at once or enable them.

shell menu view

3. Ccleaner

Ccleaner is the most popular tool that is used widely to optimize your computer Cleaner can clean Windows utilities and fix registry and more cool features one of them that we want is to edit right click menu. we can access this by navigating to tools then startup then in the third tap you find the context menu you can enable or disable any program or file in the menu or even delete them totally from the menu.


4. Right click extender

right click extender allows you to create a command prompt file that works as defrag this drive just in one click and more as create a menu listing or hide even open Notepad all these can be selected as icons selected or shift with a shortcut as you want.

Right click extender

5. Easy context menu

the easy context menu is a simple and portable application that does not need to be installed on your device you edit right click menu or you can disable or delete the unnecessary application that you don’t use anymore you can do all things just take a few clicks and then apply to save changes.

Easy context menu6. Fast explorer

that an old-school app that allows you to work with file context that gives you the option to create any menu you want and add items, with fast explorer you can create any custom app you want but be careful that you can’t get the default menu if you delete them.

fast explorer

7. Context menu tuner

if you are searching for a user-friendly application to edit right click menu context menu tuner is the tool that you are searching for it has a simple view just simply choose an item from the left and select the destination where to place it, I advise you to try this cool application.

Context menu tuner

8. File menu tools

file menu tools allow you to edit right-click menu and add a bunch of command items the free version allows you to create up to 20 menus before upgrading to the premium one you can create a command from the list and then select from the commands of the file menu tools tab as open with Notepad or more I advise you to give try to this magnificent application.

File menu tools

9. Windows context menu manager

Windows context menu manager is free software that allows you to modify or edit the right click menu that appears when you hover over a folder or file the app comes with a simple view. From the left side of the program, there is a main menu that allows you to select what kind of menus will be displayed when you right-click on a file or item. You can disable any kind of sub-item in the menu simply by disabling it from the software I advise you to try this cool software.

Windows context menu manager


The right-click menu is a versatile tool that significantly enhances user experience and productivity. By customizing and optimizing the menu to your preferences, you can streamline your workflow, access frequently used functions with ease, and save valuable time. Remember to organize the menu effectively, troubleshoot any issues that arise, and design menus with the user in mind. Embrace the future trends in right-click menu design to stay at the forefront of user-centric interfaces. Leverage the power edit right-click menu to unlock its full potential and take your digital interactions to the next level.

finally, I hope my article adds some valuable information to you. if you have any questions let me know in the comment below.

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