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run yahoo messenger in 2022 : The full guide

I’m sure that most of you have used yahoo messenger at some point in your life. It was one of the best instant-messaging clients developed by yahoo, if you watch my video’s on my channel you know that I made a video from a year ago explaining how you can patch yahoo to use it again in the escargot server. the problem that escargot removed yahoo and how you can patch so I found the solution about how to run yahoo Messenger in 2022, I will explain all things in this article. if you like to see the full video about this article click me.

note: This method work only with the registered account on the Escargot server, not the old Yahoo original accounts so if you are trying to log into your old account using this method it will not work.

how to run yahoo Messenger in 2022

1. How do we use yahoo messenger Again?

A. Creating an account on the escargot/ Nina server

we need to log in to Nina’s server to create an account and press register you can see this part in my video about how to create an account on Nina’s website. 

escargot-nina website

you need to select a screen name to create a yahoo or MSN account so be careful about this step!

then add your date of birth below and click continue 

B. Register your account 

after completing the first step above you need to add your screen name for example I add something as a screen name then you must add a valid email to receive the confirming email 


after that add your password then click register.

as you see your account has been created!

your account has been created

now open your email you will find a massage from Nina’s website just click on Activate your account.

activate your account

after clicking on  Activate your account you will get this page you may log in to your account if you like!

your account has been created

2. Download Yahoo Messenger

you can download Yahoo Messenger from this link or just click on the download

select Yahoo Messenger then select English.

select yahoo messenger

you can select your yahoo ver. 6.0 or 5.5 or 5 also you may select the patch ver. it’s easier

I select the 6.0 patched ver.

then start downloading!

downloading yahoo

3. Installing yahoo 

after downloading yahoo it’s time to install it just run the installer then click on Run after install to patch yahoo to escargot/Nina server addresses.

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running the Run after installer file just select yahoo location and patch selected this tool to replace old yahoo conn server, socket server, hostname to escargot/Nina working settings.

yahoo patcher

4. Sign in to Yahoo messenger

info: if you want to sign in to your account using windows live your account will be ( for example ) all escargot accounts now will be ended by and if you want to use your account in yahoo messenger just remove

now it’s time to log in! just add your Nina id that you make, you can see this part of my video about how to sing in yahoo messenger.

trying to singing in

and press sign in

small tip: when you are using Yahoo Messenger 6.0 in Windows 10 the messenger and chat windows are stuck you can’t move them just to fix this error just go to

view > change skin.. >select classic and press ok.  you can see this part of my video about how to change yahoo skin!

For more information click here to watch the video

Finally, I hope my article added some valuable information to you. IF you have some questions? Let me know in the comments below. I’ll try my best to answer them.

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