22 Best software for pc free download | you must try

Finding the Best software for pc free download can be a difficult task. Everyone love to search for free downloads and like free software, there are so many options available and it can be hard to decide which one is best for your needs. The Free download options are great for those on a budget, but it is important to do your research before downloading and installing any program  

Best software for pc free download

I found for you the 22 best software for pc free download  I think you must try

A. Best free security software 

1. Kaspersky

when it comes to protection Kaspersky is the best protection program you can find today in one of my articles I talk about how to choose the best antivirus program for you Kaspersky can protect you from viruses and other threads, there is a free and paid versions choose what is best for you, I advise you to secure your pc by downloading Kaspersky its available for windows, mac, Linux and android mobile.


2. SpyBot Search & Destroy

Spybot protects your pc from online threats. this application applies a unique method to find and eliminate different types of malware, tracking, and other unwanted software. The program offers a free and premium edition where the free edition can protection you need to protect your online privacy

3. Super anti-spyware

Super anti-spyware is a powerful software that can protect you from online threats. it can detect and remove any spyware and adware software even Trojan horses, it comes with free and paid editions so you can select what you need.


B. Best free download programs

4. Internet download manager

IDM is the best software you can download it is very popular and easy to use IDM is fast in download and allow you to resume downloading the software come with a free and paid plan it can download any file just click download and it’s done. with IDM all files that have been downloaded can be found in the downloads folder it supports any browser such as opera, Firefox, google chrome and more you can install IDM on all operating systems such as windows, mac, Linux, and more…

internet download manger

5. Free Download Manager

It’s also called FDM that software increases your speed downloading it allows you to download all files in one place it can download any file too as mp4, torrent, and more you can remote control the app and accelerate the downloading also it can resume the broken links, for more info click the button bellow

Free Download Manager

6. Tixati

this cool software support downloading torrents, you should leave the Torrent download to the Torrent Clients, a type of download manager dedicated to the Torrent platform only. Because Torrent is mostly related to piracy, many Torrent Clients and anonymity-related services such as VPNs in their products. Tixati, a torrent client does not deliver any kind of Spyware, Adware, Nagware, or any additional paid services. It is a pure torrent client


C. Best free video software 

7. Camtasia

Camtasia is one of the best video software that can be downloaded on your Windows to create any video I used it for years and it hasn’t let me down its a simple easy program that can make a full video Camtasia comes with a recorder that can take all your desktop screen you can select the dimensions or custom even full screen you can select media or library transitions and more just drag and drop in the track line down Camtasia comes with a free and paid copy the free copy has a watermark you can try it for free and then decide if you want to buy a pro copy


8. Invideo

invideo is a website that specializes in video creation with high resolutions up to 4k you can make quick and efficient great-looking pro videos it’s free you can set any kind of media, I advise you to try this cool web.


9. Filmora video /photo editing software

it’s a powerful video editor created by wondershare for Windows users. It has an intuitive user interface and lots of videos. This tool has advanced editing effects and features such as keyframing, motion tracking, and more effects you can find all about filmora  from the button bellow

D. Best free audio software 

10. Audacity

Audacity is the most popular voice editor it’s open-source software where you can record and edit files you can download it for free on windows it has features such as noise cancelation, pitch, tempo, and more you can click the button below to see the website


11. WavePad

Wavepad is an audio recording software it has a clean and basic UI it also has some feature as mixing any audio source, editing silence, removing background noise, and more you can add more effects you like, Wavepad has a customizable bar so you can configure it as you want the software come with a free and paid versions so you can choose what fits you


12. Ardour

Ardour is a great recording app it’s a complete musical workstation you can edit both voice and music and focus on the recording voice alone, its good for multi-track recording and editing the software is compatible with windows and mac is free to use


E. Best free pc optimizing software

13. Ccleaner 

that most popular cleaner and optimizer you can use on your pc its can clear your temporary & junk files and you can control your installation and update and uninstall with CCleaner can clear browser history and fix the registry editor and more I advice you to try this software


14. Glary Utilities

Glary Utilities is a complete optimizing software you can say it’s the true replacement of Ccleaner, the program has the following functions: cleaning disk, and repair registry, and uninstall function also can duplicate file finder the app has a start-up program and disk defrag, and memory optimizer and software update and about the app has a file shredder and file encrypted and process information. with this cool app, you can find system files that help you with system restore and registry backup, and system backup file

Glary Utilities

15. Puran Utilities

Puran is a complete suite of cleaning and optimizing utilities it has more than 20 built-in apps that help you to get the best performance out of your pc I advise you to use this software to keep your pc clean and error-free.

Puran Utilities

F. Best free utility software

16. WinRAR

its the powerful archiver tool you must use in windows it allows you to extract or comprised any file you can select the archive format file as RAR or rar4, zip you can select archiving options such as lock archive or create SFX archive, and more… the software come 32 and 64-bit system file and it’s available in over  50 languages it supporting all operating system as windows 10,11 Linux os , mac, and mobile 


17. Vlc player

Vlc is the most popular software you can download and use on your pc it works with any windows vlc supports mac and more… to its an open source software that you can modify on it, vlc can play any kind of media I advise you to try it now


18. Rufus

Rufus allows you to create bootable USB drives. It helps you to create BIOS or UEFI bootable devices It helps you to create Windows TO Go drives. It the ideal to install windows I used it a lot provides support for various disks, format, and partition Rufus fully support windows, mac, Linux, and more…

19. 10-bit Uninstaller

The 10-bit uninstaller Completely Uninstall Unwanted Software such as Windows Apps or Browser Plug-ins help to remove any unwanted application such as bloatware that consumed your windows recourses and slow startup the application can remove the stuck application and clean all applications.

10-bit Uninstaller

20. Xbox game bar

in one of my articles, I talk about how to use the Xbox game bar It’s free software from Microsoft that allows you to record your screen just with 2 buttons (windows key+G) its not required any high power pc to use, no need to download you can find it in windows 10 

Xbox game bar

21. Ninite

When it comes to installing apps on your pc I will tell you about an application that can download all application easily in one click this cool application work with any operating system as windows, mac, and more… I used it to download all my favorite apps at once also it can update them to recommend to download


22. Nord VPN

Do you want to have a secure connection? ok Nord VPN is a cool app that allows establishing a secure connection that cannot be tracked or collected or even share data .it supported Windows, macOS, and other OS system, when you use this cool software you will enjoy a fast connection without any buffering.

nord vpn

the Conclusion

the word free downloads are so impressive no matter if you are a windows user or mac every one like to have apps if you work as a video creator or just want a vlc player it’s free as you see I said about the 20 best software you can use and I am sure that they help you whatever your domain is 

Finally, I hope my article added some valuable information to you. If you have some questions? Let me know in the comments below. I’ll try my best to answer them

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