rainmeter skins windows 10

rainmeter skins : make your windows alive!!

Are you tired of the normal desktop look? Would you like to change it into something special? Well, the rain meter tool is the best app you can use for free. So what are the best rainmeter skins or rainmeter themes to change your Windows look  Your desktop will be an elegant way that will definitely impress you, follow me in this article.

rainmeter skins windows 10

required  files for download

1. Download rainmeter program

We download the program from the link click on download and then install the program

rainmeter download

2. Download skins files or themes

Download the perf4tech-rain.zip skins file and unzip it, you will find the images below and there is a rain skins file that contains all the files

perf4tech-rainmeter skins

and Unzip the rainskins file

unzipping apps

3. Install rainmeter themes

After downloading rain meter skins or themes it’s time to install them!

3.1 barbara skin

We choose dock(colored) and click load all.

barbara skin

3.2 mond skin

We choose a clock, then a player, then a recycle bin, and click load on all.

mond skin

Note: Please set the media player type from the settings box.


3.3 mapplewood +  skin

In this file, we select power kit black and volume bar and click load all.

mapplewood skin

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3.4 simple clean skin

In this file, we choose the visualizer and click load all.


Select the visualizer and click on edit skin, and the visualizer.ini page will appear Go to [MeterStyleR] and delete 50, then save the file Set the skin locations as you like and uncheck the draggable feature on all files to install them.

Go to the layouts tab and save the background as a special background.

remobe the draggble

4. Taskbar settings

  • Go to the desktop and click on the right mouse button, go to: view, then deselect two options: show desktop icon shows the desktop gadget
  • Go to the taskbar settings and activate the feature: turn on automatically and hide the taskbar in desktop mode.

You can watch this video on this topic

Finally, I hope my article added some valuable information to you. If you have some questions? Let me know in the comments below. I’ll try my best to answer them.

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