what about the New microsoft chatgpt bing launch

what about the New microsoft chatgpt bing launch? Microsoft announced a new event about the Edge browser and the Bing search engine powered with AI as chatgbt which was created by openai , the edge will add a unique browsing experience in the natural language Question that will be launched soon and replace the critical aspects of AI tools.

what about the New microsoft chatgpt bing launch

1. when did the event start?

this event starts on Tuesday 7 February at 10 am/pt and they discussing about chatgbt integration into bing search engine partnership with openAi. Satya Nadella (Microsoft CEO) said ” its a new day in search” in the announcement of new products that will affect on the web searching.

2. what nadella said?

nadella said that the race has started today and we are going to move fast and faster most importantly we want to have a lot of fun innovating again in search because it’s high time. Microsoft says that web search isn’t satisfied with the traditional result, the new Bing search engine is powered with open AI technology and the Prometheus model that can deliver relevant results with good answers.

3. what is Prometheus?

Microsoft also says that the new Edge will be an upgraded version of GPT 3.5, the AI openai language model that powers the chatgbt the new model is called Prometheus and it’s more powerful that the GpT 3.5 and better at answering search queries and updated information and annotated answer.

4. New bing characteristics 

the new bing will be powered with AI and can offer up to 1000 characters for complex queries, also you can see the traditional search result Microsoft will include a sidebar powered with AI that gives you contextual results. also, Microsoft showed a few examples for the BING search engine if you are shopping the new sidebar gave you information about search results, and similarly list, the new tech can search for multiple resources and generate your own recipe.

you can also use it in a normal search and use the chat function (chatbot) also you can ask about anything from finding the best computer to finding the best computer specifically for gaming. 

Microsoft said that you can be more precise in your queries by using AI technology, for example, you can ask the artificial intelligence for a 5 days trips to Mexico and create an itinerary it will generate the list and you are done also you can ask the artificial intelligence to generate a message and send to the person who is traveling with you.

this new version will go with the Edge browser that will be designed to look more in line with windows 11 but more important with the new improved AI technology. The sidebar interface in BING will be available in Edge browser that has a new coming feature to analyze the pages and give you a summary or link documents also it can compare data between multiple pages and integrate them to give you the best information you want, also it can translate any programming code from GitHub and provide another programming language.

Also, google will announce its rival bard AI soon and is expected to have a demo about its capabilities during a live stream that is positioned as a chatgbt attractive that will affect in google search engine.

Finally, I hope my article added some valuable information to you. If you have some questions? Let me know in the comments below. I’ll try my best to answer them.

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