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what is chat gpt : The new tech in town

chat gpt is a new tech in town developed by openai company. It’s a chatbot or smart robot that is able to understand human speech and answer all your questions intelligently. chatgpt can write stories or articles or even solve complex mathematical equations, everyone nowadays is using this bot if you are a programmer or writer, or normal user so in this article I will help you to know more about this cool new tech.

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1. what is chat gpt in detail?


Gpt represents the Generative Pre-trained Transformer it’s a language model that has been developed by Openai that processing tasks as text commands that you type its one of the most advanced modules currently available and this AI (artificial intelligence) tool have a main feature that is chat conversation with human-like text respond when you ask for something it was launched in November 2022.

2. How to use chatgpt?

You can use it by simple go to this site, then clicking try chatgpt you will need an email and a phone number to complete the registration for the first time.

After you add your email and confirm your mobile number you are ready to use chatgpt.

what is chat gbt?

On the main screen, you will find some useful information such as examples, Capabilities, and limitations of this tool.

chat gbt main screen

in the screen, you will have a rectangular area down screen where you can type anything you want for example, you can write Create for me an article about pizza and respond with the article you can select for him more detailed info such as how many words you want or even you can say translate this text for me.

you can also write and create for me a code for an app in your mind just say what type of function you want and what the programming language chatgpt will respond by dialogue and provide what you want.

3. How to use ChatGPT if it’s not available in my country?

How to use ChatGPT if it’s not available in my country

if the website is not available in your country you can use it by following these steps:

Use VPN: first to bypass the restricted area you need a VPN that can help you to get connected I advise you to try Psiphon Pro for mobile users and hot spot shield for windows users.

Use email: for email, you can use your own Gmail or Hotmail or even try temp mail which is a temporary mail service you can try from this link.

Use a phone number: now we come to this part you can use any app that generates a phone number you can try this app called 2nr from this link if not found in the Google Play Store, if the app is available in the Play Store in your country you can download it.

4. some examples of chatgpt that I try

I ask a Question to write for me an article about how to make pizza and he answered me with the recipe.

ask chat gbt for how to make pizza

then ask another question in coding about how to add a web view in the android app then he answers me also.

chat gpt write code about how create web view app in android studio

you can use chat GPT to translate any paragraph I tested it and works fine.  So I gave him a text and said can you translate this text to Arabic?

translate text to arabic

also, I say to chat GBT can you translate the pizza text to french? then he responds by chatting with me.

chat gpt translate text to french

at last, I gave him a mathematical equation and he solve it too.


The conclusion

chatgpt is a new software or chatbot that is designed to help people and learn from them, it helps you in day basic work nowadays many users trying it and it’s fantastic its a powerful AI chatbot I advise you to try that I know will help you.

Finally, I hope my article added some valuable information to you. If you have some questions? Let me know in the comments below. I’ll try my best to answer them.

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