what is google bard | everything you need to know

With the creation of chatgpt and the success that has been made since it was released, Google announced the new artificial intelligence (AI) chat service called google bard so what is google bard in detail? Let’s know together.

1. What is google bard?

Bard is a Large language model (LLM) chatbot service based on AI technology developed by Google It’s similar to Chatgbt and Bing Chat it can simulate human conversation and can respond by the creation of a written script to answer the users it can answer questions, keep in mind that Bard is still under development and it can learn and perform many tasks.

what is google bard


Bard is similar in its function to the ChatGPT and BingChat applications, with some differences it uses the LaMDA language model, while the other two applications use the LLM model. The most significant difference that sets Google Bard apart from its competitors is that it directly sources its information from the web, using Google search results to answer people’s queries, such as in Bing conversations. Meanwhile, ChatGPT relies solely on the information available until 2021 that it was trained on.

2. When was Google Bard announced?

Bard was announced on 6 February in a statement from Google and Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai. Bard was an entirely new concept of the AI chat service is powered by Google’s Language Model for Dialogue Applications (LaMDA), which was unveiled two years ago.

3. How do I join the Bard waitlist?

To use Google Bard you need to join the waitlist these are the following steps to join.

  1. Open your Google account in the browser
  2. Go to the link bard.google.com
  3. Click on the button Join Waitlist After that you will see a message You’ve been added to the waitlist!

After completing the following steps you will get an email that says it’s your turn to try Bard.

4. How do I use Google Bard?

Now when you get an email saying that it’s your turn to try Bard click Take it for Spin so in the round box you can ask him anything like What is Google Bard? And it responds by generating text.

When Bard generates text you have a 3 draft file you can choose from Just click on view other draft and you will see the 3 files, The left side of the page contains a Bard activity that helps you to view all the Questions you asked or clear them, you can disable this feature from my activities in your Google account.

5. What does Bard Google do?

Bard is like other chatbots that can respond to text content conventional just start typing what you looking for in the box and it generates the answer, you can use Bard in text content and creation also you can use it to create emails or translate letters or any text even you can ask him to write a code that helps you in your project

6. Why is Google called Bard?

Google called their smart bot Bard referring to William Shakespeare and the word bard stands for the poet as Google says a bard can create authentic and unique content.

7. Why did Google decide to reveal Bard now?

When chatgbt was released in less than one week, the number of users reached one million users, according to an analysis conducted by the Swiss bank. With such success, Google decided to unveil Bard to rival OpenAI, the developer of chatgbt, as a reaction to its success and to restore consideration to it and its competition in the artificial intelligence market.

8. Google Bard vs ChatGPT

Both are Ai Chabot’s they are designed to interact with people using natural language models and machine learning. They use the large language model (LLM) which is a machine learning model to generate and create text conversation.

Chatgbt can create its own original content that is powered by generative AI One of the large differences between them is that Chatgbt can responses are based on the date before 2021 but Bard uses a Google database that is up been updated frequently


as we know that AI tech is helping us in our daily tasks According to google bard ratability isn’t trusted because in the demo when announced the app provided inaccurate information about the James Web Space Telescope (JWST), We are waiting for future for more Ai tech that can help and provide accurate results.

finally, I hope my article adds some valuable information if you have any questions let me know in the comment section bellow

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