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how to increase Google Adsense profits 2023 ✅ Adblocking recovery

do you have a website? or you are using Google Adsense on your website? this article will be interesting for you, Google launched a new tool or service that will increase your website profits when you have a website and your user using ad-blocking apps and you don’t earn revenue the tool is called the adblocking recovery In this article I will tell you how you can set up this tool so let’s start

google adsence

1. What is AdBlock recovery?

in a simple way, it’s a message displayed on your website asking to allow ads if they want to use your site this message can be customized and also can’t be removed until the user enable ads on your site when you enable AdBlock recovery your ads will be displayed on your site allowing you to earn money from blocked ads! is that cool?

by the way, there is a video on my channel about how to set up this new tool.

how to increase Google Adsense profits 2023  Ad blocking recovery

2. How to set up this tool?

 to set up this tool first you need to have a Google AdSense account then we need to log in

you can see this part of the video about how to set up the message

google adsence -privacy and messaging

we click on privacy and messaging 

ad blocking recovery setup

we have this page we need the Ad blocking recovery we click on the setting

setup the add recovery message

first, we need to go to messages to set the message that will be displayed on our site then click add site then click on add language if you want a default language or more

add your site and language

now click continue 

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1. Customize the message 

in this section, you can customize the message where you can change the main lang of the message or add a new language also you can change the colors


in the placement, you have 3 choices: Centered modal, Centered modal (non-dismissible),

centered modal 

central message

Centered modal (non-dismissible)

Centered modal (non-dismissible)

Bottom pinned

after completing the setup press the publish button you will get this message

publish your message

3. Setup your website

now is the time to set up our site to display this message in this article I will set up my WordPress site to display our message we need to install a plugin called WPCode this plugin allows us to add the code now where we find the find the code click on tagging tap and copy the code that you will get

you can see this part in the video about how to copy and paste the code!

tagging code

after you copy the code go to code snippets then select header and footer

code snippets adding code

you will get this page to paste the code that we copy from the AdSense account and paste it on the header section then save

adding code

4. The final result

the final result

if you like you can see the full video about how to set up the message step-by-step

Finally, I hope my article added some valuable information to you. If you have some questions? Let me know in the comments below. I’ll try my best to answer them.

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