Never Crypto Mining On A Laptop: Let’s Know Together

Do you like to trade digital currencies? Or even store them for a short period hoping that suddenly rise? you say I have a laptop so let’s mine! the simple answer is Never crypto mining on a laptop yes laptops are not intended for mining it will damage their hardware or become the worst condition I advise you to read this article with me and discuss mining using a laptop.

Never crypto mining on a laptop

1. How mining is done?

years ago mining a cryptocurrency can be done with any computer the equations were not as large and complex as they are nowadays the mining process, in fact, is very similar to mining a solid rock, the mining machine will engage in a grueling race with millions of other machines.

the main idea of mining when you are mining Bitcoin, Ethereum, or any other cryptocurrency is depending on your computer’s capabilities to solve the number of complex equations in the digital currency environment, any transactions are recorded in the Blockchain, and the computer is the mining tool that contributes with the other in the network and as result, the device owner will get some units of a digital currency as a reward of this prosses

2. never crypto mining on a laptop

Imagine that your computer is solving a mathematical equation consisting of 3 numbers so the result will be confined to numbers between 1 to 100 which is considered a relatively easy process and not required a mighty processor that was the early version of digital currency with a simple equation.

never crypto mining on a laptop

nowadays equation consists of millions or billions of digits that need a powerful computer to solve these equations the fastest and the powerful computer has the most chance to have the final result and as a reward, you get a cryptocurrency.

3. the heart of the mining!

The graphic card is the most used part in crypto mining in current days you can say that is the heart of mining devices it can work with new equations as a result of solving this equation the VGA card prosses more heat than usual that forces all the computer parts to support the graphic card as much possible, the mining process in a laptop is a different story…

In fact, this is not the only problem that made laptops out of the mining market, but the main reason is that miners are using powerful devices in mining operations that solve the same equations at the same time, making weak devices try to work at their maximum capacity, without real ability To keep up with the equipment intended for mining.

4. Laptops are not intended for mining

whatever your laptop device specification even if its a gaming laptop and have a discrete GPU card it’s not intended for mining it can’t work 24 hrs and 7 days a week here are some reasons that a laptop is not suitable for mining :

1. The laptop cooling system is very weak

A number of modern laptops have come with what is known as silent cooling systems, that is, without fans, and simply ensuring that the computer components do not overheat is one of the most important requirements for mining machines, as working at maximum power raises the temperature of computer components in general, especially the CPU and GPU.

The laptop cooling system is very weak

Even normal or gaming laptops that run on a cooling system that mainly depends on fans, running them in cryptocurrency mining will expose them to damage years before their lifespan because the fan system was not designed to work permanently

these fans are automatically adjusted to their speed in proportion to the effort spent in the computer If the computer voltage is reduced, it will either stop or reduce its speed to the least possible degree.

The fans are tuned in this way to extend their life as much as possible, if they are overworked sooner or later you will have to change the fans, which is not an easy process compared to changing the fans for mining desktops.

2. Mining will damage the laptop battery

Most laptop hardware will remain in good condition as long as it operates in a reasonable range, the laptop battery may not handle the heat will laptop batteries are made from Lithium-ion batteries, and the working temperature range between 20°C to 60°C depending on the manufacturer recommendation.

the batteries my exposed to higher temperatures if you want to mine and can be degraded and shorten their life cycle due to an effect called thermal aging.

Mining will damage the laptop battery

where the energy consumption varies according to the effort, for example, if you notice when you use your laptop in games higher voltage and fast energy consumption are required. if you know that batteries have a fixed number of charge cycles so when the battery is charged and discharges a lot that leads to permanent damage.


As we mentioned at the beginning that mining required a high-specification platform that includes one or more graphic cards (GPUs) that have been installed on one motherboard that can handle more than one equation in mining that requires a powerful system and your laptop can’t handle that powerful specification of mining

we advise you either to assemble a desktop device with specifications suitable for mining operations or to buy one of the mining devices that are now manufactured by a number of companies. Your laptop will be damaged if you use it to mine cryptocurrency for these reasons.

Finally, I hope my article added some valuable information to you. If you have some questions? Let me know in the comments below. I’ll try my best to answer them

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