6 important Steps Must Be Done When Installing An SSD

6 important Steps Must Be Done When Installing An SSD

When you are planning to buy an SSD or you already have one these 6 important steps must be done when installing an SSD to ensure that it will work smoothly and get the maximum speed The SSD works differently than a normal HDD and there are several tips to get the best performance from the SSD  so let’s start and enjoy the article  

6 important Steps Must Be Done When Installing An SSD

1. Check if the AHCI is activated from BIOS

The AHCI or Advanced Host Controller Interface is a mode in the Bios that affects the speed by 30% the simple idea is that this mode tells your device that it is dealing with SSD or a newer hard drive, not an old HDD after turning on this  you will notice that there are some improvements in performance and the speed of the hard drive

Check  if the AHCI is activated from BIOS

2. Clone Old Hard Disk To New SSD

If you have upgraded your system with a new SSD you need to transfer all your data from HDD to SSD and you think that it’s a difficult job but it’s so easy just by using a clone command to clone all your hard disk just a few clicks

clone hdd to ssd

By the way, this option also clones all your windows files even your windows and you don’t need to install the windows again and install all the drivers again To clone your hard you can use one of these software: MiniTool Partition Wizard and EaseUS Todo backup

3. Install the software provided by the manufacturer

The SSD manufacturers create special software to manage them you can install them, Btw you should not ignore that software because it tells you everything about your SSD with this software you can easily control the TRIM command and the RAPID mode and even test the speed of the drive and more things about your drive

kingstone ssd manager

If you have any SSD from these brands Samsung, Crucial, Kingstone, or Sandisk you can select the program from the list below:

You probably don’t even need to download and install the software manually, it happens automatically after the operating system recognizes the hard as soon as it is connected to the motherboard

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4. Activate the High-Performance Power Plan

Windows provides a system power plan that can determine if you want to get the maximum power of your computer capabilities or just select an eco mode plan (if you are using a laptop) this plan reduces power consumption. To ensure that you can get the maximum speed of your SSD you must select the high performance in some devices you can see also ultimate performance this mode also affects when you are gaming by giving you all the power of your computer I advise you to select the high-performance mode when you want to play a game 

select power plan

5. Select the OP feature to extend the life of the hard drive

When you have a small storage SSD there is a high chance that it will be filled with files after a few months of using the op over Provisioning feature reserves 7 to 10% of the total size of the SSD, you must leave some free space otherwise the speed dropped dramatically now if you don’t store any files on your SSD avoid this step.

set op option

6. Don’t mess up windows settings (important)

Some users on the internet say some settings must be done in order that your SSD to work properly on windows Don’t mess with these settings on windows 10, the system automatically implements all required changes to ensure boost SSD such as enabling the trim and disabling the auto defragment and SuperFetch you must trust windows when it comes to an SSD i advice you don’t defragment your SSD that will kill it!

the Conclusion

there are some steps that must be done when you want to use SSD as your main storage you can apply these steps on your computer or laptop device these settings allow you to get the best performance of it getting the maximum speed you can control the SSD from special software that has been developed by the SSD manufacture this software allow you to control the op feature and more in general SSD can give you a great experience even when you are handling with old laptop or pc you SSD bring it back to life trust me it makes a huge difference

Finally, I hope my article added some valuable information to you. If you have some questions? Let me know in the comments below. Ill try my best to answer them.

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